Sell Tickets Online With Ploxel

The events platform which provides you with everything you need to sell tickets for your event.

Ploxel Features

The most feature rich platform for your ticket sales.

White Label Ticketing
We do not force our branding through the ticketing pages so your customers think they are buying tickets direct from you improving attendee purchase rates.
Promote Your Event
Advertise to your customers with our promotion tools such as creating discount codes and send email campaigns to tell your customers when your tickets are on sale.
GDPR Compliant
Add privacy policies to your ticket pages which you customers must agree to before they purchase tickets to ensure that all your ticket sales comply with GDPR.
99.9% Uptime
We offer excellent uptime for your ticket pages to ensure that your tickets sales will always be online so your attendees can purchase tickets when they require.
Integrate Into Your Site
Sell tickets direct from your website or WordPress website using our integration codes or WordPress plugin if selling via a WordPress site without your attendees leaving.
Ploxel Check In
Our simple to use check in app to check in your attendees to your event. Alternatively you can download a guestlist or check in guests using our website.

Setting Up Your Event

Ploxel provides you with all the features you need to successfully setup your event before starting sales.
Design Your Cart
Customise your cart to make it part of your brand. Change the colours, banner and logo to make your cart look apart of your company or organisation.
Choose Your Fields
Select what fields your customers are required to enter when making an order either per order or ticket. We don't force unnecessary fields upon your customers.
Multi User Support
Add multiple members of staff with separate permissions who can administrator, create orders, or read information for your account.
GDPR Compliance
We fully comply with GDPR and give you the ability to add your own privacy policy and add a checkbox if you want to contact your customers via email.
Multiple Currency Support
We support multiple currencies which you can select when selling tickets on Ploxel. Free tickets don't require a payment gateway at all and are free to sell on Ploxel.
Grouped Ticketing
Categorise your tickets so you can set an allocation per a group of tickets resulting in the ability to sell multiple bands of tickets for a specific section of your venue.
Integrate Your Cart
Sell tickets direct from your website or WordPress blog using our widgets. When using or widgets, your customers will never leave your website through the whole ticket process.
Multiple Date Support
Sell tickets over more than one date per event and display them all together on your cart. Handy for those who have a weekly event which never changes allocation, saving you time.

During Ticket Sales

Once you have your tickets on sales, Ploxel has a wide selection of tools to help promote your event.
Discount Codes
Create discount codes to give promotions on your tickets to specific customers to try and increase the chances of them purchasing your tickets.
Create Orders
Sell tickets offline? With Ploxel you can create orders which you have sold in different places online in your control panel with all sales being tracked towards your totals.
Tracking Links
Find out where your sales are coming from by creating specific links to your cart which can be used for affliate programs or to see if your advertising plans are working.
Automated Tax Tracking
Track any tax requirements you need to pay such as VAT in the UK by automatically calculating the amount of tax you need to pay per each order sold on Ploxel.
Responsive Design
All our ticket pages are optimised to work on any device whether thats a mobile, tablet or desktop. We understand that some of your customers will want to purchase their tickets on the go.
Social Media Sharing
Let your customers share you event on social media by using or social media links which are displayed on every cart helping you get awareness of your event to the wider public for free.
Get Paid Directly
No waiting 7 days, 30 days or any length of time for your sales to hit your bank account. All purchases made through Ploxel are send direct to your account immediately at purchase point.
Automatic eTickets
Once your customers have purchased tickets with us, they will be able to download their eTickets immediately. Your eTickets are customised to your requirements with a message of your choice.

After Sales

Now your sales are finished, we offer you all the features required to keep in touch with your customers and check them in.
Order Centre
See all your orders in one page with the ability to filter them per event, dates purchases and even search for a specific order. It's easy to find the order you need.
Mass Contact
Have an issue with your event or just want to promote a future event? Contact all your customers or even filter them per ticket type by email direct from Ploxel.
Printable Guestlist
Print a guest list which you can use on your door with all the important details required to easily check your customers into your event.
Fast Online Check In
Use our online check in on any device to check in your customers live on the go. Search by order, name, ticket or email and see a live status of your guests checked in.
Download Your Data
All the data is yours. Download your customer data from your orders page including any filters which you have applied so you can download what you want.
Do Nothing
Event over? Then just leave until your next event. Ploxel has no monthly fees for using our service so you can use it when you need us. We hope you come back though.