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Fully Responsive

All of our integration widgets work on all modern mobiles, tablets and desktops without any limitations to what features are provided to your customers by using modern responsive design.

Never Leave Your Website

Your customers never leave your website to purchase their tickets. The full ticket process will be provided from your website reducing customer abandonment rates while providing a seamless experience.

Your Protected

All of our security features including our A+ rated SSL certificate work on your ticket widgets when integrated into your website protecting your customer's personal and card details.

Simple To Integrate

No confusing documentation to follow to integrate your widgets. Just use our widget creator and copy and paste the code where you want your widget to show on your website.


Do all features work on the integration widgets?

Yes all the features work on both our hosted pages and integration widgets.

Is there a cost to use your widgets?

There are no additional costs to use the integration widgets.

Can I remove the Powered by Ploxel?

Yes, just add &hide-footer to the end of your data-src URL in the widget code. Please note by removing the footer you will also lose the support of changing languages.

Can I use multiple widgets on one page?

Yes, you can add multiple scripts to the page. Just add the code more than once.

Help, I can't add Javascript on my site?

Unfortunately, without Javascript support you can not use our widgets but you can still use our hosted pages.

Do the widgets work on WordPress?

Please see our special plugin we have created for WordPress which will allow you to sell tickets on your WordPress site by clicking here.

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