Lower cap

Lower ticket cap

Selling tickets which are lower in price? Then you will benefit in our 7.5% ticket cap which restricts the amount you will pay in fees. Some of our competitors charge over 20%!

Instant Payment

Direct payments - instantly

Don't wait around for payments. With Ploxel your ticket sales are paid directly into your payment account. We understand you have bills too.


Charity discounts

We support registered charities by providing a lower exclusive rate. It’s our way to say thanks for all the hard work you do. Just get in touch.

No contracts

No commitments, no contract

No upfront commitments or fees with us. Ploxel is a pay as you go solution where you only pay when you are selling tickets via our ticket fees.


International ticketing

Sell tickets in multiple currencies from one box office so you can host your events internationally. Click here to see our pricing for each currency.

Sell Offline

Sell tickets offline

Sell tickets using alternative methods such as telephone or in person for zero cost. All offsite sales are free to add in our control panel.


Can I use PayPal and another processor at the same time?

Yes you can use both PayPal and another processor at the same time to allow your customer to choose which payment processor they would like to pay with.

Is there any fees to sign-up for a payment processor?

Please check the relevant payment provider on any charges they charge. We do not have any control over there payment fees.

How long does it take before I get the funds from my ticket sales?

We do not handle your cash. All cash is sent directly to your payment processor. Please see your payment processor provider on how long it takes before they payout your funds.

Can I use a payment processor not listed above?

Please get in contact with the team, we will see what we can do as we have systems in place to integrate further payment processors.

Does the Ploxel fees include the payment processor fee?

Sorry the Ploxel fees does not include the payment processor fees.

Do you have a question which is not answered above?