Ploxel Check In

Check in your attendees using our easy to use free ticket scanning app with support for multiple users at the same time.

We are currently developing a new check in app for Ploxel. Our old Ploxel app will still work or alternatively you can use our scanner in our backend until our new app is released, we hope to have our new app released soon which will be much improved.

Our simple to use check in app

The most secure way to check in attendees to your event.

Offline Mode (Android Only)

Download your tickets before the event and check in your attendees without an internet connection. Once you regain your connection your tickets will be updated on the cloud.

Multiple Scanners

Allow multiple users to check in attendees simultaneously allowing you to have multiple staff members checking in tickets to your event - speeding up check in time.

Double Ticket Prevention

All tickets are checked with the ticket database to ensure they have not already been used to prevent attendees using tickets twice to access the event to control crowds.

QR Codes

Our ticket scanning app uses QR Codes which provides quicker and easier scanning in comparison to conventional bar codes - speeding up your scanning times.

Search Attendees

If the QR Code fails or the customer forgets to bring their tickets, you can search for your attendees by their email, order number or name and check in guests manually.

Ticket Information

Once scanning a ticket, you will see all the information for that ticket such as ticket type and any other information they entered when purchasing their ticket.