GDPR Compliance

Third Parties We Use

As your data processor, Ploxel uses a few sub-processors to operate our services by using your data. All of these companies are GDPR compliant at the time of writing.

If you have any questions about any of third parties processors and why we use them then please do get in touch with us. Below you will find all the services which we use and why we use them:

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 provide our server which our website is hosted on. All of servers are located in London and are fully secure with daily virus checks and a fully working firewall to protect your data.

Amazon S3 Server

We save all our hourly backups on our Amazon server and keep them upto 30 days incase of an outage on Ploxel. Our S3 servers are based in Ireland and is fully secured.


We use hCaptcha to ensure you are not a bot when doing certain functions. hCaptcha saves your clicks on their recaptcha widget so they analyse who is and who isn't bots.


We use Stripe to provide payment functions on our website including the fees which we automatically collect on payment. We also use Stripe to store your credit / debit card securely using their service.


We use PayPal to provide an option for you to collect your ticket sales on our website.


We use Instamojo to provide an option for you to collect your ticket sales on our website.

Amazon Cloudfront

To load resources quicker for your customers on the cart pages by localising our assets.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to learn about our visitors so we can make improvements to enhance your visiting experience.