PCI Compliance
All our payments are passed through external payment gateways, who are fully PCI Compliant. We do not handle any of your customers card details.
Encrypted Pages (HTTPS)
Every page handled on Ploxel is secured with HTTPS. This is to help prevent any interception of your data as it's passed over the internet.
SSL Certificate
Fully working SSL certificate graded A+ on the latest SSL Test from SSL Labs, you'll be surprised at the amount of sites who aren't. Test our certificate now.
oAuth2 API
All API access is secured by oAuth2 which is one of the most secure API protection systems as used by sites such as Facebook and Google.
Password Encryption
All passwords saved on our server are encrypted. This may sound simple but there's still plenty of sites who still save your passwords as plain text.
Your Data
All the data saved on our servers is yours. If you ever want us to remove some of it then contact us and we will for free. There's no 'admin' fees.