Examples of Ploxel in action.

Sell your tickets anywhere when using Ploxel to host your event.

Sell On Your Website

Create a fully functional tickets cart on your website where you customers can purchase their tickets without ever leaving.

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Integrate Ticket Sales

Sell On WordPress

Sell your tickets direct on your WordPress blog or website using our free WordPress plugin. It's as simple as copying a code into your post or page.

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Fully Responsive

Regardless to which option you choose, all our ticket carts are fully responsive and will work on any device including; mobiles, tablets and desktops with no limitations to mobile users.

White Label Branding

We will never cover your ticket pages with our branding. We want your customers to have a quick and speedy transaction with us without having to sign up to Ploxel or view our offers.

Your Protected

All of our security features, including our A+ rated SSL certificate, work on your ticket carts when using any of our different sales methods to ensure full protection for your customers personal and bank details.

Simple To Use

No confusing documentation to follow to integrate your widgets or use our plugins. Regardless to which selection you use it is simple to use. We don't want to confuse you or your customers.