Welcome to the next version of Ploxel

4th July 2022
Welcome to the next version of Ploxel

We would like to welcome you to next version of Ploxel, the next chapter of our ticketing platform which has seen many improvements compared to our old version. In the next few weeks, we will go into more detail with separate blog posts detailing some of the changes but below is a summary of the changes which we have made:

  • Enabled Google and Apple Pay for applicable browsers to speed up purchase times.
  • New custom domains so you can setup a domain such as yoursitename.ticketix.com to access your ticket pages.
  • The ability to add more information and a redesign of your events listing page to make it more personal to your company.
  • Added a recaptcha option to your ticket pages to block bots purchasing your tickets.
  • Email tracking to determine whether your customer emails bounced so you can take action.
  • New order page with the following changes:
    • Redesigned orders list so you can easily fine what you want to know, rather than too much detail with a simple easy to read design.
    • New timeline to see each step the customer took through their ticketing purchase, including any failed card attempts.
    • Track where the customer was using their IP, to give information where your customer is purchasing tickets from.
    • Browser and device information.
    • New notes section so you can add additional information to your orders such as disability requirements etc.
    • New ticket summary, with the ability to view all the tickets separately to save space.
  • New create event process with the following changes:
    • Redesigned design to make it more simple to add your event.
    • Tickets page split from the create order page so we can add more options in the future, with a more easy to understand design.
    • Ability to copy tickets from an existing event to save time in the future.
    • Ability to copy advanced settings such as design, order form questions and confirmation settings to save time in the future.
  • New order form questions design with the new questions options allowed including: Paragraphs, Numeric, Phone and Emails
  • Sales report so you can determine how much you made on each day and important information.
  • Live visitors tracking how many customers are currently viewing your ticket page.
  • Attendee map so you can get a visual map showing where your customers are coming from.

We also have made design changes throughout the backend, with useful tips on forms helping you through the process much better which we have not detailed above.

We hope you enjoy our new version and if you have any questions or problems then get in touch with support.

Thank you,
The Ploxel Team.