Welcome to the new Ploxel

Published 18th March 2018 by Joss Hughes

We would like to welcome you to the new Ploxel. Ploxel has changed massively from our initial release in 2016 and this is the biggest change yet with the site being totally restarted from stratch to create a much better experience for you and your customers. Firstly though, unless we have contacted your prior to today, you will have to create a new account as the new system is not compitable with our old system. We know this may be an inconvience to some however it was required to support our new system which you will find is much better than our old version.

You may have noticed it has taken a bit longer than we initially said but this was due to us scrapping plans and changing large parts to create the perfect experience, we've also done major testing to ensure there are no major bugs about - we're aware this was a bit of problem in the past. However the extra time has created a much better product for you and was worth the wait.

So what's changed?

In simple terms everything. We have created a completely new experience which we believe is more in trend in todays market and creates a much easier experience for you. The complexity of our initial version was a big issue with most of our customers in particular in relationship to the theme editor (which has been scrapped) and creating events which were just too complex and confusing for most people. We have however tried to keep most of the features which we available in the initial version. They are just no longer forced upon all customers and are optional extras.

What about the ticket pages?

In principal the ticket pages are very similar to the initial version however we have brought a brand new design which is much more user friendly and more modern with todays standards. We have however kept the maps with easy to find directions to your venue, the venue system so you don't have to enter your venue on every event and the large banner at the top to promote your event regardless to what device they are using.

Customisation we understand was important to some of you and we have still included some customisation to change the colours and banners to make it much more personal to you. Understandably this isn't as much customisation as the initial version but the theme editor was barely used by the majority of our customers and was just a major headache for those who just wanted to sell tickets therefore we have decided not to carry it forward. If this was important to you, then please get in touch. We still have the ability to create custom themes if required.

Integration was another key part of Ploxel and we are happy to announce we have kept our integration scripts and WordPress Plugin. These work exactly the same as before (copy a code across) and the WordPress plugin will work without any changes. We will also be releasing different types of integration scripts such as a button popup and a calendar in the near future so if these interest then keep checking out blog.

You can find an example of our ticket pages here - https://www.ploxel.com/e/24 and our new WordPress plugin design here - https://wordpress.ploxel.com

The control panel

This is the area which has the biggest changes with a brand new design which we believe is 100x better than our initial version with an easy to use navigation not too dissimilar to our initial version but much easier to use. We will be posting updates in the next few months to explain some more of this in finer detail but if you have any issues with where things have been moved then don't hesistate to get in touch, we're always happy to help. The events and box office structure is not too dissimular to our initial version.

Thank you for the wait

We hope you like our new version which we believe is much better than our old version and creates the perfect event ticketing solution for both you and your customers. If you have any questions or feedback then get in touch alternatively why not register today?