Sell Tickets With iDEAL Payments

20th November 2022
Sell Tickets With iDEAL Payments

iDEAL is a payment method in the Netherlands that allows customers to make purchases direct with their banking app. iDEAL is used by almost 55% of online transactions by Dutch residents so is an important payment method for customers either hosting events in the Netherlands or are planning to attract Dutch customers.

To learn more about iDEAL please check out their website at -

Using iDEAL on Ploxel is easy when using Stripe, we have now enabled it as a payment method for all events which are using the Euro as currency - iDEAL does not support any other currencies. If you do not see iDEAL on your events, and are using the Euro, please check your Stripe settings to ensure that you have iDEAL enabled.

Ploxel is always striving to give the best selection of payment methods to our customers and are currently working on extra payment methods which we are planning to release in the next few weeks including some which will help ticket buyers by splitting payments. Keep checking our blog for the latest updates.

Thank you,
The Ploxel Team.