Introducing Multi Language Support

24th June 2019
Introducing Multi Language Support

As part of ongoing process to improve Ploxel based upon your feedback we are happy to introduce multi language support on our ticket pages so our non-english speaking customers are able to use our ticket process in their native language.

We have also made some other small changes to how the ticket pages work by changing the payment process to impliment quicker ticket purchasing ticket as it no longer reloads to complete the payment process. This means those who enter incorrect card details can change their card details without having to fill the whole form in. We have also enabled the ability to start the 3D secure process without having to reload the page by using a popup box to help speed up the process as we understand the importance of speed.

These changes have been implimented so we can support more gateways such as PayPal which we hope to enable by the end of the month. 

Below you will find some a short FAQ on the multi language support:

What languages do you support?

In our initial release we currently support the following languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portugese.

How do I enable it?

We have enabled it on all carts as of today and customers will automatically load the cart in their native language based upon their browser settings. To change the language shown select the flag icon on the top bar which will let you change the language shown.

Do you have plans to have multi language on the control panel?

Currently we have no plans to extend multi language support to anything other than the cart.

Do you have plans to enable any other languages?

We are planning to support more languages in the near future. If you would like a specific language then get in touch and we will try and enable it.

Thank you for choosing Ploxel,

- The Ploxel Team.