Introducing a Fee Cap (Lower Pricing For Low Cost Tickets)

Published 1st October 2018 by James Martin

Introducing a Fee Cap

At Ploxel we already have a competitive pricing structure but it's just got better for those who sell tickets at lower prices. On our current pricing model customers who are selling tickets for less that £/€/$10.00 are having fees which are unproportional to the ticket price with some cases of it being over 50% of the ticket price. As a result, we have introduced a brand new cap at 7.5% of the ticket price so the fee your customer pays will never be greater than 7.5% of the ticket price giving a fairer pricing structure to those of you who sell tickets at a lower price.

Pricing Changes

Below you will find some examples of the most common prices below £/€/$10.00 (USD) and how they have changed under the new structure.

Ticket Price Old Fees New Fees
£2.50 £0.55 £0.19
£5.00 £0.63 £0.38
£7.50 £0.68 £0.56
€2.50 €0.65 €0.18
€5.00 €0.73 €0.38
€7.50 €0.78 €0.56
$2.50 $0.75 $0.19
$5.00 $0.83 $0.38
$7.50 $0.88 $0.56

- The Ploxel team