Custom Domains - Improving Access to your Ticket Pages

22nd July 2022
Custom Domains - Improving Access to your Ticket Pages

We understand the importance of getting customers to your tickets pages so you can sell your event tickets, that's why we have released custom domains.

In the past, the link to access your ticket page would have been in the format of (that's our preview URL). This is unhelpful and confusing to share where you only have one chance to grab your customers, who remembers random numbers - I know I certainly don't, especially if it's not online.

Introducing custom domains, now you can easily set a URL which will be in the format of {custom-word} This is both memorable and unique to you giving your customers an easy and quick domain to get to your ticket pages. Setting it up is as easy as entering a word in a text box, find out how below.

Setting up a Custom Domain

  1. Login into your Ticketix account.
  2. Enter the Box Office section from the top menu.
  3. On the sub menu, click 'Custom Domains'
  4. Enter a word which is unique to you which is easy to remember for your customers, this must be unique and not used by another customer and hit save.
  5. All done, your customers can now access your ticket pages using the word above before - your full domain will be shown on the Box Office summary page and can be changed at any time.

This is the first part of a few posts explaining some of our new features.

Thank you
The Ticketix Team.