Changes to Stripe to support European SCA Regulations

10th June 2019
Changes to Stripe to support European SCA Regulations

As our latest update we have made changes to our payment gateway when using Stripe to support SCA. Below you will find some answers to the questions you are likely to want to know about SCA.

What is SCA?

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European regulatory requirement to reduce fraud and make online payments more secure and is required for all payments when using credit or debit cards within the EEA from September 14th 2019. If you want to find our more about what you need to do and what is required then read the handy guide which has been created by Stripe who we use to process your payments by clicking here.

What changes has it brought to Ploxel?

As a result of the SCA requirements, you must have your customers approve all payments by more than one authentication type by using 3D Secure v2 which all banks will support before September 14th when it becomes a legal requirement. With our new update, any credit / debit cards which must be verified by 3D Secure will automatically be redirected for authentication as part of the payment process.

What about Non-EU Cards?

Any Non-EU cards are not affected by these changes.

Can I turn on 3D Secure for cards which do not require SCA?

Yes, as part of our changes you can now change the rules which Stripe will use when accepted cards. To find our how to change the rules or change the rules for your payments you need to use Stripe Radar which has a helpful guide here.

Will Brexit affect SCA?

We believe that the UK will enforce SCA regardless to the outcome of Brexit.

Do I need to do anything to support SCA?

No, our latest update has enabled everything you require to comply with SCA so when the date comes you have nothing to do.


- The Ploxel Team.