Absorb the Ploxel fees

Published 27th April 2018 by Joss Hughes

We always take your feedback on board and one thing which was requested was the ability to absorb the Ploxel fees within the ticket price instead of charging it as an additional booking fee on top of the ticket price.

To enable this feature modify your event or create a new event and you will find the new settings in the 'Settings' section. The settings available are to either charge the Ploxel fee as a booking fee (as current) or you absorb the fee. This can be enabled or disabled per each event so you can have one event where you charge the Ploxel fee as a booking fee and the next you absorb the fee.

If you have any questions on Ploxel or want a new feature implimented then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

- The Ploxel Team