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Published 6th December 2021 by Joss Hughes

Welcome to Ticketix, the new name for Ploxel

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Published 12th October 2020 by Joss Hughes


Help save the UK event industry due to the Covid-19 pandemic. #WEMAKEEVENTS

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Published 6th March 2020 by Joss Hughes

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Ticketing Update

Our official stance on the Coronavirus for ticket sellers and buyers (Last updated 12th October 2020)

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Published 2nd July 2019 by Joss Hughes

Introducing PayPal Payments

Ploxel now supports the ability to take payments with your PayPal account as an alternative to using your Stripe account.

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Published 24th June 2019 by Joss Hughes

Introducing Multi Language Support

As part of our ongoing program to make Ploxel more assessible to more users around the work we have introduced multi language support on our ticket pages.

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Published 10th June 2019 by Joss Hughes

Changes to Stripe to support European SCA Regulations

We have released an upgrade to our Stripe payment gateway to support the new Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which is coming in force in September 2019. Find out more what this means for you if you have EU customers.

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Published 19th November 2018 by Joss Hughes

Ploxel joins Stripe Partner Program.

Ploxel is now an official verified partner with Stripe after complying with Stripe's best standards to offer your customers seemless ticket payment pages.

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Published 7th October 2018 by Joss Hughes

Introducing The Multi User, Privacy Policy and Facebook Tab Update

Ploxel has released it's multi user, privacy policy and Facebook Tab update to help you sell more tickets for your events on your Facebook Page with the correct privacy policy attached to comply with GDPR regulations in Europe.

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Published 1st October 2018 by James Martin

Introducing a Fee Cap (Lower Pricing For Low Cost Tickets)

At Ploxel we already have a competitive pricing struction but it's just got better for those who sell tickets at lower prices. On our current pricing model customers who are selling tickets for less that £/€/$10.00 are having fees which are unproportional

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Published 14th April 2018 by Joss Hughes

Make your events even better with Ploxel addons.

We're always looking at different ways to expand features on Ploxel, but staying with our brand values of a non-intrusive, simplified ticketing platform anyone can use to host and manage successful events. 

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