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The fully featured ticketing platform to sell, manage and promote your event online. Low fees and simple to use for events of all sizes.

Ploxel - Sell Tickets Online

The Complete Event Ticketing Platform

Our ticketing platform let's you successfully sell tickets online and run your event; before, during and after ticket sales.

Sell Tickets Online

Every feature required from pre sale to after sales to run your events.

Instant Payments

Funds paid directly to your payment gateway to eliminate waiting around.

Customisable Design

Make your ticket pages stand out and look part of your brand design.

Sell Everywhere

WordPress and website integrations available or use our hosted pages.

Selling tickets with Ploxel is easy and free to setup.
Ploxel Check In

Ploxel Check In

The free ticket scanning app to check in attendees to your event available for Android or direct from your browser on iOS and Desktop.

The online ticketing platform for all events.